What we do


Here at Frankie & Leneé Weddings, we believe that a wedding is a couple’s most fabulous dinner party they will ever throw. They should be able to enjoy it! We also think that a wedding should flow like a party, not a corporate event. We treat our weddings just like that! We love watching and assessing the feel of the room, and we adjust our timelines accordingly. We NEVER interrupt the best dance party to throw a bouquet. We know that in a song or two people will need to rest their feet or grab a drink, so that’s when we toss the bouquet. 

Starting in 2018, we decided to work exclusively at Prospect House for wedding coordination clients for the foreseeable future. Our base package includes 90 days before your wedding of constant communication. We meet with you and your venue for a “layout” meeting and then we get all the details captured. We create an extremely detailed timeline so not a thing will be missed! On your wedding day, there will be a lead coordinator (myself) and an assistant.